Ryan Georg

Beat Story #2



This Friday night Anna’s Bay Center for Music will be hosting Gary Hemingway in their artist showcase. Hemingway will be traveler from Whitman College in Spokane to the venue in Shelton which is called the Civic Center, located on Coda, one of the board members in the Anna’s Bay center for music.

While the artists are in town they visit the local high school and do workshops free of charge to the students and their families. Recently they had a cellist by the name of Dr. Tim smith join them for a workshop. Followed by a visit from Michael Partington a classical guitarist.

There are over 300 students directly involved in the program. “It’s good because the music classes are lacking in Mesa County” She also said. It’s an opportunity for the music students to see real working professional musicians. They try to keep it local by only having in state Washington musicians as guests.

Anna’s Bay Chorale a group of vocalists that sings regularly is also a part of Anna’s Bay Center for Music. They have been performing for ten years. They have had their struggles in keeping things alive but manage to survive. Very soon the choir will be having a gala to celebrate ten years of enduring existence. The Chorale has traveled to New York City to perform. A risky move that almost caused them to have to end it, but luckily they managed to survive.

If you would like to get involved or attend events, you can refer to the Anna’s Bay Center for Music official Facebook page. The event the Friday will be at the Civic Center in downtown Shelton. Tickets are $15 for a single person, and have a discounted rate of $25 per couple. You can get your tickets online as well at brownpapertickets.com.


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